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Q.        How much space do I need for the trailer?

A.      The trailers require approximately the same space as a mid-size car.
Additional space and delivery room must be provided.
Placement location for trailer must be level and solid surface.

Q.        How much junk will the trailer hold?

A.     We have  6’x10′ & 6’x12′ trailers. They have a capacity of 7+ cu yds
This is roughly equal to 3 1/2 to 4, full size pick up loads.

Q.        Can I put junk and yard debris in the same trailer load?

A.     Not recommended! Yard debris and general junk/trash must be
separated and disposed separately. This will incur additional fees.
We recommend individual loads for yard debris and general junk.

Q.        What if I need the trailer for more then 3 days?

 A.     Base service package includes 3 days, we offer additional days at an affordable rate

Q.        I see that the base weight included is 2000lbs, what happens if my trash load
weighs more than this.

A.     Any weight overages will be billed at our current disposal rate. This is billed at 500lb (1/4 ton) increments.

Q.        Can I haul the trailer with my own vehicle?

A.     No, the service includes all transportation requirements.



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